About Me

Jonas Borchgrevink is an entrepreneur and business professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Business. He has a track record of founding and building successful companies in various industries.

In 2009, he founded the social crowdfunding platform MyGoodAct, which raised over 1.5 million USD. It was one of the world’s first social crowdfunding platforms.

He then went on to establish CryptoCoinsNews.com in 2013, which was later rebranded as CCN.com. Under his leadership, the company grew to become one of the world’s largest news sites for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, with over 20 million monthly visits and 55+ employees and contractors.

In addition to his successes in the tech industry, Jonas founded a news app for youth called Tailored Message in 2016, becoming one of Norway’s most downloaded apps.

Most recently, in 2020, Jonas founded Hacked.com, a world-leading cybersecurity company dedicated to recovering hacked online accounts. The company has helped more than 6,400 clients, including prominent individuals such as congressmen, senators, and district attorneys. Hacked.com has been recommended by the FBI and local law enforcement employees in the United States.

Through his various ventures, Jonas has demonstrated a solid ability to identify and capitalize on emerging trends in the technology and finance industries. He continues to be a leading voice in the world of entrepreneurship, and his companies remain at the forefront of their respective industries.

Jonas Borchgrevink is not only a successful entrepreneur and business professional but also the owner of Hawkfish AS, a registered company in Norway that controls his startups and businesses. Through Hawkfish AS, Jonas can oversee and manage all of his ventures. Hawkfish AS is also a major shareholder of Circa Group, engaged in biotechnology.

Recognizing the world’s current state and the potential dangers, Jonas has recently created DoomScrolling.com, a website dedicated to uncovering the most pressing issues that will shape our future. By using cutting-edge technologies like GPT-3 and Midjourney, the website provides an immersive and informative experience that keeps readers at the forefront of critical conversations. The website invites readers to join the journey to explore the unknown and stay informed on the most important topics of our time. Doomscrolling.com is the ultimate destination for those who want to stay informed and ahead of the curve on the issues that matter most.

In 2023, Jonas Borchgrevink added another feather to his cap by launching the following services:

Remove Myself, a new service aimed at helping people remove unwanted and harmful images and videos online.

Stop Blackmailing, a service that helps people fight blackmail.

Stop Impersonation, a service that helps individuals stop impersonation and remove fake social media profiles.

Fight Revenge Porn, a service that helps victims of revenge porn remove videos or images.

Prevent Deepfake is a service that helps people ensure that their images or videos can’t be used to create Deepfakes like Deepfake Porn.

The issue of personal privacy has become a growing concern. Jonas wants to provide effective solutions for individuals who want to take control of their online reputation with the launch of the new services, tightly connected with Hacked.com.

Visit Jonas Borchgrevink’s LinkedIn account or follow him on Twitter here.